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Health And Fitness Test


Curious to know how fit and healthy you are?

This testing can identify your areas of strength and weaknesses. It can also be used as an aid to a quick healthy check that could highlight potential health risks you was unaware of. Here are the areas of testing that we will focus on:

→Blood Pressure.
→Height and Weight.
→Body Mass Index (BMI).
→Waist to Hips ratio.
→Body Fat Composition using (Callipers or Bio-electrical impedance)
→Cardiovascular Test.
→Rockport Walking Test.
→Step Test.
→Cooper 12 minute run/walk.
→Muscular Range of Movement.
→Visual Postural Alignment.
→Muscular Fitness Test.
→Upper Body Strength.
→Core Strength.
→Current/past exercise and physical activity levels using the FITT principle.
→Likes and Dislikes.
→OBLA Test.

As you can see, this is a detailed test and well worth knowing you limitations. After a careful analysis of the test results, a suitable training program or lifestyle adjustments can be can be designed to make you a fitter healthier person you want to be.