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Loft Fitness Studio Circuit Training

LOFT_FITNESS_STUDIO_CIRCUIT_TRAINING1_edited-1The recent restructuring of the Loft Fitness Studio has allowed me to offer you an unforgettable circuit training experience.

Circuit training is one of the best methods of exercising and getting fast results. Sessions intensity can vary from low-high intensity however they will be suitable for all levels of fitness. Sessions will be designed to target major and minor muscles of the whole body to maximise results.

I have over 13yrs of vigorous but rewarding training experience with the British Army. I am giving you a rare opportunity to come and absorb some of that experience and transform it into your day to day training regime.

From 22 August 2015 the following sessions will be running at the Loft Fitness Studio (Upstairs of the Bamboozles).

Tuesdays:            6-7pm
Saturdays:           10-11am

*Bring water, a towel, wearing suitable exercising clothing and footwear.

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Make sure you have these sessions in your diary and DO NOT be the one to say “I wish I had.” To find out more information email me via my Contact Page.  Click here to read more about Circuit Training.