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Louise’s Gruelling 8 Weeks With RoysFitness

After 2 months of training with RoysFitness, this is what Louise had to say:
Initially, I started sessions with Roy because I was depressed with my weight and the way I looked. I was obsessed with the scales and wanted nothing more than to lose weight. That was 8 weeks ago.
Now, thanks to Roy my whole outlook has changed. It’s not about the scales it’s about becoming fit and healthy. Roy does not only concentrate on workouts, he is educating me with my diet. He works on the whole me, physically, mentally and emotionally.
He is 100% dedicated to get the best out in me, providing reassurance and positivity whenever I show doubt. Thanks to working with Roy I am becoming a more balanced person, gaining in confidence, strength and self belief.
Roy combines diverse training methods, individualised exercise programs and challenging yet achievable goals. Roy is wonderful to work with and I look forward to every session. It is not just a workout it’s my new way of living and I can never thank RoysFitness enough for helping me change into the person I’m becoming. I would recommend RoysFitness without reservation.
-Louise M

  • RoysFitness

    Louise is one of hell of a beast in the gym and she is relentless. To see how far she has come and how hard she has worked in the last 8 weeks makes me proud.
    Her strength, endurance and knowledge is ever-growing day by day, session by session. Louise is an A-Star student and is keen to learn and that is what makes her successful.
    I am honoured and privileged to be your personal trainer and I look forward to every session. WELL DONE on reaching most of your goals already.